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Go beyond intuition through the classes in this interactive workshop series created to help us get more in touch with our higher spiritual selves. Develop your natural psychic senses, learn techniques that can enrich your life experiences, gain confidence in your personal insights, build a solid and safe foundation for further spiritual growth, and connect with others in a fun and open group setting. These six classes for the Presence of Light Workshop series are a pre-requisite to the intermediate and advanced concepts classes. Begin with the Voice introductory class to learn where your "intuitive base" is, then continue your development experience with the core classes. 

Core Classes


SILENCE: A Meditation Workshop
Class Topics: value of silence, meditation, moving beyond fear and doubt, discovering your spiritual path, and three quick steps to psychic protection.

LIGHT: A Spirituality Workshop
Class topics: signs of light, intro to your angels and guides, and our spiritual selves.

SENSE: An Ultra-Sensory Workshop
Class topics: introduction to ultra-senses, sixth sense, development exercises, identifying your senses. How many senses are you using?

ENERGY: A Spiritual Energy Workshop
Class topics: interacting energy, raising your vibration, clairaudience, clairsentience, and empaths. Affirmations, energy exercises and activities.

THOUGHT: A Telepathy Workshop
Class topics: intro to telepathy, exercises, and applications. Interactive, challenging class - you just might surprise yourself!

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The Unexplained

Join Psychic Medium Heather Oelschlager for an entertaining evening of conversation and information on The Unexplained. Learn about ghosts, spirits, imprints, apports, angels, guides, astral travel, and other not so unusual occurrences. Ask questions and share your own stories of supernatural experiences to find out more about them. Whether it’s flickering lights, strange noises, ghost hunting, near-death experience, UFO’s…“spooky”, supernatural, or just plain inexplicable, we’ll talk about it. Photos, trivia, famous ghosts and more. Great class for the paranormally curious!

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The PRESENCE of LIGHT PRE-REGISTRATION FORM is unavailable during our website move.

If you are interested in any of the workshops, however, please email Heather to let her know. Also be sure to add the page Psychic Medium Heather Oelschlager on FACEBOOK for the most up-to-date information on upcoming classes.


Introductory Session


3-Night Psychic

Development Workshop

Develop your spiritual, psychic, and ultra-sensory abilities during this three-night workshop, studying key aspects of growing awareness. Discuss the metaphysical or paranormal experiences you've been having and discover the reasons behind them. Study metaphysical topics including: the six ultra-senses (psychic senses) and exercises to enhance them, meditation, communicating by signs, connecting with your spirit guide, learn to understand your intuition and use telepathy. Discover your spirit on this Path!

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Event Hosting

VOICE and The Unexplained are great options for public or private groups of all sizes! Recommended for teens-adults. Contact Heather if you're interesting in hosting your own workshop!

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